The development of artificial sand industry has now become an essential industry in developed countries, the crusher as an essential equipment in the sand industry along with the development of our country and the world needs gradually close. Gravel Jaw Crusher For Sale as many artificial sand production equipment manufacturers is one of love, now means the device has injected new vitality into the new PFW European version of crusher. Crusher in bar production line in the sand often served as the two stage crushing process, through the sand and gravel particle size after machine processing broken back style of a cube, flakiness content less than 5% below that is more in line with the cement fusion, so the buildings more strong weathering resistance. Emergence of crusher mainly to improve the processing capacity of the equipment and its strength of the whole, and not only is used in mining sand and stone production, in the emerging industry of construction waste recycling processing will often see its shadow. In its main features and advantages: 1, crushing chamber is more big, big feed inlet; 2, yield higher rotor design increases the moment of inertia, improve equipment production; separation of concrete and steel bar 3, reliable technology; 5, crusher cavity by the structure of welded steel plate, can be higher the strength of rotor balance; 6, with a hard surface, using high quality bearings; 7, high strength, suitable for crushing hard rock traditional impact crusher not acceptable; 8, convenient operation, easy maintenance.