Causes of concrete mixers stirring shaft stall Concrete mixer but also thrown up a lot of history in the use of the state, such as concrete mixer tank agitator shaft stops, abnormal sound mixing tank, reducer temperature, noise reducer, mixing tank temperature is too high, and two shaft ends shaft leakage pulp. The following are the details of the stirring shaft concrete mixer reasons stall analysis: Concrete mixer tank agitator shaft stall double shaft concrete mixer js500 for sale emerges is stirring shaft stop migration transition or roll slowly. First reason is something concrete mixer agitator shaft overload, stirring shaft work overload will cause the migration of the agitator shaft slow transformation is probably roll end, the emergence of such an environment, it should mediate feed rate, dumping the excess material, low stirring shaft rolling load, let it running. The second is that the concrete mixer stirring blades or side of the blade and the tank wall of a foreign body, when if a foreign body in front of the agitator shaft concrete mixer will stop nasty friction sound, then should immediately stop check, get rid of artificial foreign body, and the new mediation stirred gap leaves and concrete walls of the tank transport. The last is due to mechanical and electrical tape too loose concrete mixers, power resulting in inadequate communications, should stop to change the tension fitting, tighten the tape. Operating self-loading concrete mixers precautions: Self-loading concrete mixers mix barrel wall radially arranged stirring blades. After the operation, the mixing drum rotation about its horizontal axis, adding mix barrel material, the blade is lifted to a certain height, twin shaft concrete mixer machine price by weight fall, this cycle of movement, to achieve uniform mixing effect. Fall-from simple structural concrete mixer, generally stirred plastic concrete based. The following technical staff for you always said operating self-loading concrete mixers precautions: (1) Before the new machine should be in accordance with the requirements of the concrete mixer instructions for use of the systems and components necessary itemized inspection and commissioning. Empty running, check the direction of rotation of the mixing tube or stirring the leaves, the operation of the working device, brake, confirmed normal before operation. (2) stationary concrete mixer, should be installed on a solid pedestal. When long-term use, should anchor bolts embedded; if short-term use, laying sleepers and looking at flat stable base. (3) The mobile concrete mixer, should be installed on a flat hard wood or aerodromes with square brackets stand firm and keep the tire from the horizontal force. If you use more than three months or more, remove the tire should keep the axle ends should be prepared to clean the rust prevention work. (4) provided for some of the need to dig a pit on the hopper agitator, which should elevate the compacted around the pit to prevent surface water flowing into the pit. Feeding the bottom bearing surface track frame should consolidate or tiling, back frame shall be supported with wood, to prevent deformation of the track work. (5) concrete mixer started after the mixing tube js series 2000 liter concrete mixer volume should be made to achieve normal rotational speed of the material, the material should be promptly after adding water; add a new material, you must first post within the original concrete mixer can be discharged completely. Or when you can not be half-way down mixer full load start, reverse the material otherwise. (6) The use in the concrete mixer, do not allow sand to fall into the operation of the machine part, so as not to damage the moving parts jammed. After lifting the hopper, can not fight under someone through or staying, so as not to brake failure accidents. Such as will repair or cleanup work at the bucket, forced down the hopper with the safety chain and pull firmly.